Tulsi Gabbard Explains to CNN Why She Stepped Down as DNC Vice-Chair to Endorse Bernie Sanders (Video)

Congresswoman Tulsi GabbardTulsi Gabbard just stepped down as the Vice Chair for the DNC, which has been beleaguered by controversy surrounding its Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s perceived bias, to openly endorse the person she sees as the absolute clear choice for president: Bernie Sanders.

CNN, who obviously dislike the endorsement (filming her endorsement video in a dizzying zoom and pan pattern that is sure to cause many people vertigo is NOT a sign they want people to accept or even consider the Congresswoman’s endorsement), spoke with Gabbard regarding why she sees Sanders as our best hope. Opening by bringing attention to Sanders’ loss to Hillary Clinton in South Carolina (but not his win in New Hampshire, the statistical tie in Iowa, or their slim 5 percent difference in Nevada) the CNN host asked Gabbard, “Why endorse Bernie Sanders now, when frankly, it feels like the momentum has shifted after South Carolina away from him and to Hillary Clinton?”

Gabbard’s answer:

Allison, the most important job of our president, in my view, is their job as Commander-in-Chief. And I can tell you as a soldier and as a veteran and what I hear from military families across the country is how real war is. This is someting that has a very real cost, and I have seen it first hand in my first deployment to Iraq where I served in a medical unit and I hear about it almost every single day from our Veterans who come home and who suffer from these “invisible wounds.”

We need a Commander-in-Cheif who will excersize good judgement and foresight and stop getting us into these interventionist, regime change wars, as we’ve seen in Iraq as we’ve seen in Libya, and as we are seeing now, occuring in Syria.

The stakes are very high, and the contrast is very clear between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on these issues.

Gabbard’s shocking decision to give up a position of power within the DNC to give her endorsement of Bernie Sanders comes on the heels of Dick Van Dyke’s viral endorsement of Bernie Sanders last week. It is yet to be seen if either endorsement can swing the 400 odd DNC members, who are also superdelegates (the majority of Hillary’s delegates), that have declared their vote to Hillary Clinton — often against the popular vote in their state.

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