Trump wants protestors “carried out on stretchers” and wants to “punch them on the face”

Donald TrumpDonald Trump once again showed how, as president, he’d really elevate the tone in the United States and make our nation respected around the world. Trump gave running commentary as a protester was removed from a Monday night rally:

“I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump said, remarking that a man disrupting his rally was escorted out with a smile on his face. “He’s smiling, having a good time.” […]

Trump claimed the protester was “nasty as hell” and accused the man of trying to punch the security officers forcing him out of the rally, though the man did not appear to be fighting off those officers.

“In the old days,” Trump added, protesters would be “carried out on stretchers.”

“We’re not allowed to push back anymore,” Trump said.

This is a candidate whose supporters assaulted a Black Lives Matter protester at a rally in November, and now he’s lamenting that he can’t personally contribute to protesters being carried out on stretchers. Because it’s no longer the good old days when brutal beatings were the norm and anyone who disagreed with you—if you were a respectable white male citizen—was fair game. I guess that’s just part of how President Trump would Make America Great Again.

H/T DailyKos

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