The maker of those Planned Parenthood videos were denied by Supreme Court

Planned ParenthoodRemember the Center for Medical Progress? You know, the guys behind the deceptive, heavily edited Planned Parenthood videos that supposedly showed the sale of baby parts? You know, the same videos that caused every anti-abortion person in the country to cry wolf about Planned Parenthood, that they were this big, evil empire? Yea, those guys. Well, they just received some VERY BAD news from the Supreme Court.

On Friday, the group was denied an emergency appeal by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who oversees appeals from California, in an attempt to avoid a district court order forcing them to disclose fully a list of their key donors and supporters.

Since the emergency plea to the high court was almost immediately rejected as it was filed, it looks like the world will soon know who financed those awful videos after all. It’s about time – no longer will they be able to hide in secret behind a curtain while the group does its dirty work.

The group has been dodging for some time. The National Abortion Federation set everything in proper motion, after alleging in a lawsuit that the center’s members were only able to get into Planned Parenthood’s meetings by lying about themselves and falsely promising not to reveal the contents of those meetings.

A federal judge agreed and says it’s now time to cough up.  Judge William Orrick isn’t one to mince words either, saying in the order:

“It’s time to end this shell game.”

Now that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to block the judge’s order it looks like the anti-abortion group has run out of options, facing a midnight deadline on Friday to comply. James Bopp Jr., a prominent free-speech and antiabortion advocate, had tried every legal reasoning he could think of to block the order, but nothing has worked.

“The key issue here is the disclosure of the identities of CMP’s supporters, (and) the 1st Amendment right of association.”

The group also tried to say that its lead investigator, David Daleiden, since he was also a journalist, was bound to protect the confidentiality of his work, including the sources of his information, but that didn’t work either. The judge dismissed that argument, too.

Daleiden’s attorneys even desperately pleaded that releasing the names would put its backers at risk of “retaliation.” Guess you should have thought of that before financially backing and supporting a bunch of lies.

Despite all this, the videos are still prominently listed on The Center for Medical Progress’ website, and circulating the internet claiming to be truthful. This just sends a very strong message that if you support inaccuracies, prepare to be outed. Either way, justice has been done here.

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