Should these racist high schoolers be expelled?

Seniors from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona posed for their yearbook photo. The official school intention seemed to be to create a picture demonstrating school spirit. A large group of girls lined up and spelled “Best you’ve ever seen, class of 2016”. Here’s the photo:

best youve ever seen

So far, so good.

Some pf the girls had a different idea, though. They decided it would be fun to take a picture with their shirts spelling out a racial slur. The school is now being requested to expel those girls. The school states the racist picture was not sanctioned by the school or any of its staff.

Here’s the picture that is creating a ruckus across the Internet:

racist picture

At least one group has called for their expulsion:

There is a rumor that the girls were suspended for 5 days, but there has been no confirmation fro the school district declaring whether any punishments have been handed down, nor what those punishments might be.

Do you agree these girls should be expelled? Please comment below.

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