Robert Reich’s Big Picture Video Series – watch and share

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich did a series of 12 short videos in coordination with MoveOn. In these videos, he lays out a series of economic principles and policy proposals that could create an economy that works for everyone. Each of the videos is less than three minutes. Click here to learn more about MoveOn’s involvement with this series and how you can get involved with creating positive change.

Fight For $15:

Help Working Families:

Expand Social Security:

Tame Wall Street:

Reinvent Education:

End Corporate Welfare:

Strengthen Unions:

Raise The Estate Tax:

Make Polluters Pay:

End Mass Incarceration:

The Medicare Solution:

Get Big Money Out Of Politics:

You won’t see most of these ideas in the mainstream media—but they’re common sense, game changing measures that would strengthen our economy. That’s why it’s up to us to make sure these videos are seen.

Videos produced by Inequality Media, a collaboration between filmmaker Jacob Kornbluth and Robert Reich that aims to engage the public on domestic economic issues, particularly those issues made worse by the growing challenge of widening wealth and income inequality.

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