Robert Reich creates petition to support Bernie Sanders plan to rein in Wall Street

Robert ReichIn an email to his subscriber’s, Robert Reich makes a please to support Bernie Sanders’ plan to break up the big banks and rein in Wall Street.

He writes:

The reaction is in to Bernie Sanders’s big, bold plan to break up the big banks and tackle Wall Street fraud.

Elizabeth Warren loves his plan:

“I’m glad Bernie Sanders is out there fighting to hold big banks accountable, make our economy safer, and stop the GOP from rigging the system.”

On the other hand, Wall Street is deeply concerned about what Bernie is proposing — and how it’s influencing lawmakers and leaders. For example, the Huffington Post reported that Wall Street analyst Jaret Seiberg issued a warning to his clients that the Sanders plan should be taken very seriously:

“This is not just about breaking up the biggest banks. Sanders is calling for a system in which financial firms are smaller, the government controls the interest rates that banks charge, certain fees are capped, the Postal Service becomes a viable competitor to banks and payday lenders [and] CEOs would be criminally liable if employees defraud customers.

Sanders appears to argue that he could implement much of this agenda on his own even without the need for legislation. We caution against dismissing this view. There is much that the White House, Treasury, or the financial regulators could do by executive order… Bashing Wall Street is a populist message that appeals to conservatives and liberals. Sanders has now laid out the most radical option on the table that other candidates will be judged against.”

In the message below, I explain why I support Bernie’s plan. We need these bold actions in order to protect Americans from the risks of another financial crash.

[Please click the link below and support Robert Reich in taking bold actions:]

More than 70,000 Democracy for America members have added their name in support of Bernie Sanders’s plan to break up the big banks and tackle Wall Street fraud. Will you join us? Please sign my petition today!

Thank you for taking a stand against Wall Street — and supporting Bernie’s bold plan.

Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor

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