Most Popular Senator in America? BERNIE SANDERS!

Bernie SandersIn a nationwide survey conducted by Morning Consult (a polling site created by Michael Ramlet, who owns the polling firm Paragon Insight and has consulted for Republicans), Bernie Sanders was found to be the most popular senator in the United States.

The poll quizzed 76,569 registered voters in all 50 states about their respective senators, and Bernie’s numbers were the highest of all 100 senators, even outpacing the firecracker Elizabeth Warren. His constituents love him.

From The Boston Globe:

“Sanders is riding an 83 percent job approval rating, with just 13 percent disapproval in a new poll that tested all US senators.

Sanders’ numbers are the best in the country.”

No one else cracked the 80% mark, and only 3 senators got more than 70%.

Sanders crushed the Republican presidential candidates — Marco Rubio had 50% approval, Ted Cruz had 52%, and Rand Paul came in at 48%.

Along with his time as mayor, in which he was, from The Nation:

”…A hardworking, pragmatic, effective mayor who helped transform Vermont’s largest city (population: 38,000) into a thriving town.”

It’s evident that Bernie Sanders is an exceptional leader.

His people love him, and they love him for a reason.

They have stories about him like this one:

“Bernie pounded his fist on the conference table in his office and told the owners, ‘Over my dead body are you going to displace 336 working families. You are not going to convert Northgate into luxury housing,’ recalled Davis, who was Sanders’s key housing aide.”

And after his first term as mayor, he almost doubled voter turn-out, getting propelled into a second term and inspiring people to vote liberals into other offices, as well:

”After he was re-elected in 1983, and voters swept in a more progressive City Council, Sanders gained a stronger foothold in City Hall. With the support of local Republicans and business leaders, he created the Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) to carry out his vision for more affordable housing, more locally owned small businesses, greater community engagement in planning, and job development.”

Seems to me he’ll do the exact same thing if (when) elected President of the United States. Get the people involved, take back Congress, form partnerships with other leaders, and let The Revolution take place.

Why wouldn’t we elect the guy who makes the people he works for so incredibly happy?

This man has my vote a thousand times over.

I hope he has yours, too.

H/T DailyKos (by HumanofEarth)

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