Monmouth University, Oklahoma Latest Poll – Sanders 48, Clinton 43

Bernie Sanders Iowa City Weekend Rally

Attribution: Alma Chapiss’ Facebook page

According to a new poll from Monmouth University, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has overtaken former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma from a 2 point deficit in the previous poll by PPP (Public Policy Polling), which was taken two weeks ago. He now leads by 5 points, 48-43.

While Oklahoma’s demographics (largely white) do favor Sanders this latest poll is good news as his campaign heads into Super Tuesday where he will need to win a few states outside of Vermont (where he is expected to win by a 70 point margin), to stay competitive.

If you are a Bernie supporter do not take this blip of good news as a chance to relax. Not for one second. Bernie needs all the help he can get on Super Tuesday especially now we know he has a shot to win Oklahoma. Every delegate counts especially since Hillary Clinton will rack up wins in the South. So share this with your friends, your family, or anyone else you know. Get out the vote. And #FeelTheBern!

He’s not going anywhere.

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