Johnny Depp To Purchase Wounded Knee And Gift It Back To Native Americans (Video)

Johnny Depp revealed to The Daily Mail on Sunday that he is looking to purchase the land on which 150 men, women, and children from the Lakota Tribe were massacred on December 29th, 1890.

Wounded Knee is located on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Over 100 years ago, the Lakota were brought to Wounded Knee.

After an elder tribesman refused to hand over his weapons to the troops, the tribe was attacked, and 150 Native Americans brutally murdered.

Wounded Knee

Native American bodies frozen in the snow. (Photo via Robin’s Onlibrary)

By giving the Lakota what the United States government should have given them after we butchered so many of them, Depp believes we are righting the atrocious wrong that was committed so long ago.

Conservatives are, of course, taking issue with this because they still believe the acts of those soldiers were acts of courage and honor.

In fact, at least 20 soldiers involved in the Wounded Knee massacre were awarded the medal of valor for their actions.

Lakota mass grave

Lakota’s being dumped into a mass grave at Wounded Knee. (Photo via Wikipedia)

Is that appalling or what?!

The landmark will cost Depp $3.9 million, a price in which the Lakota cannot afford.
Depp said this about the deal:

“It’s very sacred ground and many atrocities were committed against the Sioux there, and in the 1970’s there was a stand-off between the Feds (Federal government) and the people who should own that land. This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back. Why doesn’t the government do that?”

“The idea was to give back to them and to make sure that we got it right.”

“I am doing my best to make that happen. It’s land they were pushed on to and then they were massacred there. It really saddens me.”

It is believed that Depp felt compelled to help after playing Tonto in 2013’s The Lone Ranger.
Depp researched many tribes to ensure accuracy throughout the film.

The morally just people of American feel disgust and sympathy regarding the brutal rampages committed against Native Americans by soldiers.

Republicans and conservatives really don’t care what happened at Wounded Knee because it benefited their ancestors in the long run…that and Repugs just love destruction and chaos.

Video courtesy of Entertainment Wow via YouTube:


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