Human Rights Campaign endorses candidate who has been against their cause for many years

Bernie Sanders LGBT rightsThe largest LGBT group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced this morning that it was endorsing Hillary Clinton. This makes no sense whatsoever, as she has been opposed to much of what the group stands for for most of her lifetime.

Bernie Sanders supported LGBT Rights over 40 years ago!

If you want to comment directly on the HRC Facebook page, please click here. Let’s keep all comment polite and respectful, but at the same time, we can point out the error of their ways.

You would think that, when making an endorsement, an organization would look at the candidate’s track record. Hopefully, many in the LGBT community know that Bernie’s had their backs for years and will continue to do so. He is the strongest supporter of LGBT rights of any candidate running.

Here are a few examples of Clinton’s poor track record in LGBT issues as compared to Bernie Sanders record on these issues (kudos to Shawn Olson for posting these to Facebook):

1. Clinton was against Civil Unions until 2010 and against Marriage Equality until 2013. She called marriage “a sacred bond between a man and a woman as a bedrock principle” on the Senate floor in 2004 (see video below). Bernie has fought for equal marriage rights for decades.

2. Clinton originally supported Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and has defended her support of DOMA (the Defense Of Marriage Act forbidding LGBT equal marriage rights). Bernie’s track record on this is spotless.

3. Bernie Sanders has a strong, bold, very extensive track record of supporting gay rights dating back 40 years . In a letter he published in the early 1970’s, when he was a candidate for governor of Vermont from the Liberty Union Party, Sanders invoked freedom to call for the abolition of all laws related to homosexuality.

4. In 1983, as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie threw in his full support for a highly controversial gay pride march in the city.

5. Bernie proclaimed Gay Pride Day in Burlington 2 years later in 1985.

6. He fought against the discriminator DOMA (that first lady Hillary Clinton supported).  Bernie verbally blasted a conservative bigot on the House floor who didn’t want “homos in the military”:

7. Bernie wanted to add full civil rights in housing, employment and public accommodation for LGBT people to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

8. Bernie didn’t call marriage “a sacred bond between a man and a woman as a bedrock principle” on the Senate floor unlike Clinton, or wait to support Civil Unions until 2010, or hold off on standing strong for LGBT Marriage Equality until 2013. He has always been a consistent champion of LGBT rights.

9. Hillary Clinton VS. Bernie Sanders on Gay Rights and LGBT Equality:

In summary: Could THIS have anything to do with this endorsement? “HRC President Chad Griffin got his start in politics volunteering for the Bill Clinton presidential campaign, which led to a position in the White House Press Office at the age of 19. Following his stint in the White House and his graduation from Georgetown University, he led a number of political campaigns advocating for or against various California ballot initiatives, as well as a number of fundraising efforts for political candidates, such as Hillary Clinton.”

In closing, please remember Bernie Sanders’ track record on LGBT right has been consistent for decades, whereas Hillary only came to embrace them after the polls told her she was on the losing side of the battle. Click here to find your State’s deadlines and dates for the upcoming Primary and be sure to vote for Bernie!

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