Hillary’s “Insurmountable” Lead: 194 Delegates…and Dropping

Hillary BernieSeth Abramson at The Huffington Post has put the Democratic delegate count into perspective.  Clinton cheerleaders take note: The word “insurmountable” can no longer be used without ridicule.

Here’s what Seth said:

Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even As Dramatic Miscounting of Delegates by Media Continues


1,299 to 1,105.

That’s the “insurmountable” delegate lead Hillary Clinton has over Bernie Sanders.


That’s the cold, hard truth — the indisputable numeric data of the current election cycle — but it’s not the story Americans are being told.



That’s right: with 1,674 delegates left to be awarded, and possibly dozens of delegates left to be “re-awarded” following county- and state-level Democratic conventions across the nation, Clinton’s delegate lead — so insurmountable it’s really only spoken of these days in euphemistic superlatives — is no more than 1,299 to 1,105.


So, as New York residents prepare to head to the polls on Tuesday, with many of them — particularly Sanders supporters — wondering how much of a difference their vote can really make, the answer is: a very, very great deal.

For as we’ve already seen over the past two weeks, delegate leads can evaporate far faster than the even the media intelligentsia can track. The actual delegate count is 1,299 to 1,105 today, but who knows what it’ll be by mid-week, if Sanders supporters ignore the mainstream media’s computational disabilities and turn out to vote?  (Emphasis Michael’s)

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