Gerald Friedman shows health care savings and and huge job growth under Bernie Sanders’ plans

Gerald FriedmanIn a report provided to CNN Money, economist Gerald Friedman has demonstrated that under Bernie Sanders’ plans, US median income would soar by more than $22,000, and 26 million jobs would be created. He also shows that the unemployment rate would fall to 3.8%.

Friedman also demonstrates a 5.8% annual growth in the US economy, more than double the current growth levels.

In light of recent attacks by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Friedman provided the Bernie Sanders campaign with updated numbers regarding his health plans, showing a savings in the long term, as well as a savings to middle class families of 12% of their overall income. This, in turn, will stimulate more economic growth.

Click here for a PDF of the email that has the numbers and details, sent to the Bernie Sanders campaign from Gerald Friedman.

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