Flint residents required to pay for poisoned water or face losing house and children

Residents of Flint, Michigan cannot consume any water coming from the city because of high lead content. They are forced to buy clean water, and if that was not enough of an indecency, if they don;t continue to pay their water bill, for poisoned water, their children could be taken from them and they could lose their house.

Flint resident Melissa Mays explains in an interview with RT America:

“If I don’t pay over $400, my water’s going to be shut off, and most people say, ‘Yeah, just don’t pay, but in this state, they will cap your sewer, condemn your home, and take your children because Child Protective Services says that not having running water is endangering your children even though what’s coming through your tap is what’s endangering your children.”

Thousands of residents have been poisoned and irreparably harmed:

“When this crisis comes to an end down the line, unpaid water bills could be the least of the financial problems for people in Flint. Children whose IQs are lowered because of lead poisoning could be economically challenged for the rest of their lives and adults who have reproductive problems or other health issues could face a lifetime of costly medical treatments.”

As if all that is not bad enough, they are also prohibited from selling their homes with the current water conditions.

“It’s illegal to sell your home with a known copper and lead problem,” Melissa Mays explains. “We would have to remove all of our pipes and fix all these things that the state should do since they did this to us, but it’s over $10,000.”

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s office states it may take as much as $60 million over 15 years to make the water safe for residents to consume.

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