Elizabeth Warren Just Won The Social Media War Trump Started With Her In One Brutal Post

Elizabethe WarrenWe’ve become so accustomed to Donald Trump’s Twitter rants that hardly anyone pays attention anymore. His formula for a social media “battle” is simple: If you make fun of or disagree with Donald Trump in any way he will attack you on Twitter. While there are some who are hesitant to fight back, possibly for fear they could be arrested and executed for treason under a fascist Trump regime, there are others who take the responsibility of making Trump look stupid fairly seriously.

One of those people Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren, the outspoken Democrat from Massachusetts, wasn’t about to allow Donald Trump to walk all over her, making him pay for his indiscretions in what he would consider the worst way possible: Taking a beatdown from a woman. When all was said and done, Trump looked like a total loser and Warren came out looking like an intelligent, sophisticated woman…who had just curb-stomped Donald Trump.

As a final blow to Trump’s ego, the senator posted a final thought on her Facebook page, putting an end to The Donald’s stupidity once and for all:

Let’s be honest – Donald Trump is a loser. Count all his failed businesses. See how he kept his father’s empire afloat…

Posted by Elizabeth Warren on Monday, March 21, 2016

How many ways can a person come up with to call Donald Trump a loser? It appears Elizabeth Warren managed to cover them all. From a loser at business to a loser misogynist to a bigoted loser, she took Trump to the woodshed in such a way that she has definitely made an enemy for life. This is Elizabeth Warren we’re talking about, so there’s very little chance she has a single rat’s ass to give on the issue.

One of these days Donald Trump will learn that just because a person is female they aren’t automatically categorized as inferior. Quite the contrary. Elizabeth Warren may be physically smaller and she may not be able to fake a $10 billion net worth, but where Donald Trump is concerned she looks down at him from far above.

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