DNC sabotages Bernie Sanders’ campaign

DNC Donkey BadgeThe Guardian reported today that a temporary data breach caused by an incompetent software contractor gave the DNC an excuse to cut off all access to master voting records by Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Bernie’s campaign announce the staffer involved in accessing the breached data was immediately fired, but it seems this isn’t enough for the DNC. They have opted to punish the entire Bernie Sanders campaign.

It is becoming more and more obvious, even to those who were previously in doubt, that the 2016 race is being rigged in Hillary’s favor. This is one more piece of evidence in that direction.

Bernie’s campaign had seen the firewall go down before and reported it to the vendor, so this was a known problem that was reported originally by the Bernie Sanders campaign. To then punish them after they took immediate action against the staffer who took advantage of the data breach is nothing more than the DNC doing everything in their power to keep Bernie Sanders subdued.

We must continue to press the DNC to stop playing favorites amongst the candidates and start behaving like an actual Party Committee rather than a Hillary Clinton cheerleader.


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