Clinton Wall Street-Funded Super PAC Enters Democratic Primary Against Sanders

In a Press Release from Bernie Sanders’ campaign, they confirmed that Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street-funded Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, is buying TV ads to compete against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. They had previously said they would only run ads against Republicans in the General election.

Here is the full Press Release:

February 12, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS — As reported in the Washington Post today, Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, Priorities USA Action, will be spending at least half a million dollars in paid advertising in the South Carolina Democratic primary. In the latest reporting period, Priorities USA Action reported that it received $15 million in donations (equating to 60 percent of all donations) from financial industry interests.

This represents the first time one of the pro-Clinton super PACs has purchased paid broadcast advertising.The super PAC previously said it would only deploy its millions for the general election against Republicans.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said, “It is truly unfortunate that the largest pro-Clinton super PAC has decided to infect the democratic primary process with its haul of Wall Street cash. Democratic voters expect more. Doesn’t the Clinton campaign have the funds to run its own ads without resorting to its super PAC, which is funded by the very people Secretary Clinton has promised to take on?”

On Tuesday, Senator Sanders won the New Hampshire primary by over 20 points. His campaign is funded by over 3.5 million individual contributions averaging about $27 each.

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