Bernie Sanders Wins Washington and Alaska Caucuses in Overwhelming Landslide

Bernie Sanders landslideUSUncut reports on the Washington Caucus:

The New York Times has officially called the Washington caucus for Bernie Sanders with 31 percent of precincts reporting so far. Sen. Sanders is currently beating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 76-24 across the state, and will therefore be awarded almost all of the state’s 101 pledged delegates, adding to his win in Alaska earlier today and a likely win in Hawaii before the sun sets.

As US Uncut reported earlier today, Sanders was the beneficiary of higher-than-expected turnout in the state’s caucus locations, particularly in left-leaning cities like Seattle, Olympia, and Bellingham. Those who caucused for Sanders nearly rendered Clinton non-viable, which would have deprived her of all delegates in the Evergreen State.

Today’s Washington caucus victory allows Sanders to cut significantly into Clinton’s delegate lead. To clinch the nomination, either Sanders or Clinton must clinch 2,383 pledged delegates out of roughly 4,300. There are 18 primaries and caucuses that have yet to vote, and nearly all of them are favorable to Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator is expected to sweep today’s remaining contests in Alaska and Hawaii, where he is heavily favored to win.

According to the New York Times, Sanders will needed to win 58 percent of the remaining delegates up for grabs as of March 15 to be able to clinch the nomination. Since then, Sanders has been on a hot streak, winning 3 of the last 4 contests by vast margins — similar to his wins in the Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine caucuses in early March. In Utah and Idaho, Sanders won 79 percent of the vote and 78 percent of the vote, respectively. If he wins in Alaska and Hawaii, he will be 5 for 6 in the second half of March, and likely more than on target to achieving his delegate goal in the remaining primaries.

Sanders will travel to Wisconsin next, where he and Clinton will battle for the Badger State’s 86 delegates on April 5. Given Wisconsin’s proximity to Minnesota and Michigan, where Sanders scored major victories, and to Iowa and Illinois, where Sanders virtually tied Clinton, a Sanders victory in Wisconsin will likely come down to turnout.

USUncut also reported on the Alaskan Caucus:

The Alaska caucus has been called for Bernie Sanders by CNN; with 38 percent of precincts reporting in, Sanders currently has a 57-point lead over former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with Sanders taking 78.7 percent of the vote.

With his stunning one-sided victory in The Last Frontier, Sanders will win nearly all of Alaska’s 16 pledged delegates, giving him another leg up as the Vermont senator attempts to close in even further on Clinton’s shrinking delegate lead. Sanders is likely to win the Washington caucus as well, which would put him over 1,000 pledged delegates in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, as Washington has 101 delegates up for grabs.

Hawaii voters will also caucus today, and Sen. Sanders is poised for a huge victory there as well, having earned the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a veteran and former vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee who resigned her post to support Sanders’ bid for the presidency. Gabbard recently recorded an emotional and moving ad for Sanders, explaining she supports the Vermont senator’s cautiousness to go to war and put American lives at risk.

As US Uncut reported earlier this evening, Alaska caucus turnout was higher than expected in several caucus locations, prompting fire marshals to move caucuses from auditoriums and gymnasiums to parking lots in order to accommodate all of the caucus participants. Six precincts reported blowout victories for Sanders, one of which shut out Clinton entirely, rendering her non-viable in that precinct and giving all of the delegates to Sanders.

Alaska and Hawaii mark the final contests for March. Sanders and Clinton will now battle for delegates in Wisconsin, where Sen. Sanders is holding a rally tonight in Madison, the capital city.

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