Bernie Sanders wins Maine caucuses by a LANDSLIDE!

Bernie Sanders On The Tonight ShowBernie Sanders swept Maine, trouncing Hillary Clinton. He won with a landslide and his momentum is rapidly increasing! Do not let any media source diminish this great accomplishment, or explain it away.

As The Young Turks said earlier, the corporate media will take any Bernie victory and try to spin it as no big deal.

Here’s what really happened, as of 91% percents reporting:

Maine Caucus results

The media will try to say (exactly as The Young Turks predicted) that it was a fluke and the State (whatever State it happens to be that Bernie wins by a landslide) is “not representative.”

Pardon our Anglo-Saxon, but that is pure and absolute Bullshit. Bernie has started a revolution. It has momentum, and changes will be made. Feel The Bern, or get out of the way.

As an example, here’s a very biased report of Bernie’s victory, from The Hill, a normally liberal publication, but obviously not liberal enough to admit Bernie is leading a revolution (please watch for exactly what The Young Turks said we’d see):

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won Maine’s Democratic caucuses Sunday.

Sanders had 64 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 36 percent after the final caucuses wrapped up at 8 p.m. He will get 14 delegates from the contest, while Clinton will get 6 delegates, according to The New York Times.

There were several reports of high turnout throughout the day.

In Portland, a line to get into one caucus site was more than a mile long by some estimates. Sanders has benefited from that sort of turnout, and the caucus system more broadly, before.

A state lawmaker reportedly said he would introduce a bill to return the state to the primary process as a result of the high turnout.

Other factors favored Sanders in the state: It is largely white and neighbors Vermont, his home state.

The win gave Sanders’ supporters a morale boost heading into Sunday night’s debate in Flint, Mich., but does little to overcome doubts about his path to the nomination.

Sanders is lagging well behind the former secretary of State in delegates, and he has so far failed to gather enough support from African-American voters to build a winning Democratic coalition.

How’s THAT for biased? Keep in mind Hillary’s “superdelegates” have always voted for the winner of the elections, so they ARE up for grabs, regardless of what the corporate media would have us believe. Just look back to the 2008 elections. Do they really think the voters’ memories are that short?

Here’s is the statement Bernie’s campaign issued after the announcement of his victory in Maine:

FLINT, Mich. – U.S. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement on Sunday after The Associated Press projected that he won the Maine caucuses:

“I thank the people of Maine for their strong support. With another double-digit victory, we have now won by wide margins in states from New England to the Rocky Mountains and from the Midwest to the Great Plains. This weekend alone we won in Maine, Kansas and Nebraska. The pundits might not like it but the people are making history. We now have the momentum to go all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”

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