Bernie Sanders Wins Debate 25-9, according to Nevada Focus Group

Before the debate, the focus group was split evenly, 17-17:

After the debate, it was another story:

Bernie Sanders also dominated search interest on Google Trends during the debate:


Bernei Sanders National graph GT

Same story in Nevada:

Bernei Sanders Nevada graph GT

And in South Carolina:

Bernei Sanders South Carolina graph GT

Additionally, Bernie Sanders is apparently picking up support across demographics in internal polling:

There could already be good signs for Bernie Sanders moving forward. Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said their internal polling shows that Sanders is starting to win over voters of all backgrounds, especially younger, non-white voters.

“Younger voters are clearly the strongest group for Senator Sanders, and this is sort of reminiscent of the Obama campaign — where younger voters were the president’s strongest bloc as well — across racial lines,” Weaver said, via the Washington Post.

H/T DailyKos

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