Bernie Sanders Tweets Truth Bombs During the GOP Debate

The last GOP debate of the year contained as much nonsense as the first few. Thank goodness Bernie Sanders was watching to call them out on it on Twitter.

The Democrats hold their third debate on Saturday, and Bernie will have time for more in depth responses to the issues, but when BernieSanders tweets, he packs a powerful punch in just a few words. He traditional criticizes Republicans on their doomed economic policies, but from time to time, he nails them on other issues such as when he famously criticized Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. He is quick to call out those who “divide us based on race, gender, sexual orientation and country of origin.”

This debate, Bernie Sanders tweets against their proposals to defeat ISIS on two fronts, calling the plans ineffective and threatening to American values and civil liberties. He also mentions care for the vets, as well as the Syrian refugees.

Here are some of Bernie Sanders tweets during the debates:

Bernie even called Trup out on his racism and reminded everyone of his petition against Trump:

We know he’ll add more comments on Saturday in the Democratic debates!

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