Bernie Sanders States the Obvious: Syria Will Be Our Next Death Trap Money Pit

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders pushes for diplomacy, and warns those who are pushing for armed conflict in Syria. On Friday, Sanders was critical of President Obama’s decision to send Special Operations troops to northern Syria. Sanders stated concern that the US might find itself sucked into “the quagmire of the Syrian civil war.”

The Washington Post reports:

The independent Senator from Vermont “believes that the crisis in Syria will be solved diplomatically, not militarily,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said in a statement.

Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the White House, was asked about the issue later Friday by an audience member at a town hall in Derry. He said that he agrees with Obama’s overall objective to provide support to groups and countries battling the Islamic State in the region.

But Sanders added: “You have a quagmire in a quagmire. . . . My nightmare is that we get sucked into a never-ending war in that part of the world.”

Once again, Bernie Sanders is right. if we pursue this course of action, we risk being sucked into another never-ending conflict.

For more information, see the article from the Washington Post, entitled: “Sanders expresses reservations about Obama’s deployment of troops to Syria.“

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