Bernie Sanders and Larry David will finally be in the same room on Saturday Night Live

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will make a cameo on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, per the Washington Post.

As if that isn’t delightful enough, Saturday’s show is being hosted by actor Larry David — who so convincingly plays the Vermont senator in the show’s sketches that people might accidentally elect him to the White House instead.

It’s not yet clear what role Sanders will play on the show, or if he’ll appear as himself.

In an October interview on The View, the ladies questioned Sanders as to whether he was actually Larry David, since the two had never been seen together. All that changes this weekend!

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton guest starred on SNL in October, playing a bartender named Val who served Clinton, as portrayed by cast member Kate McKinnon.

This week’s episode will be the last to air before Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, where Sanders is currently leading Clinton in the polls.

Watch David as Sanders below:

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