Bernie Sanders: “After a lot of thought, I voted for me”

Bernie Sanders and Jane SandersBernie Sanders voted — for himself, of course — on Tuesday in Vermont.

“I will tell you after a lot of thought, I voted for me for president,” the Vermont senator said, smiling at a man he had just taken a selfie with.

“Congratulations, Bernie. Good luck out there,” replied the man, who patted Sanders on the back and laughed.

The Democratic presidential candidate and his wife, Jane Sanders, cast their votes at a polling station in Burlington around 7:30 a.m., according to a pool report.

“Nice warm day,” a woman at the local community center where Sanders voted joked (it was about 12 degrees outside). “Nice Vermont day.”

The couple voted at booths beside each other and took pictures with voters afterward. Sanders briefly spoke to reporters inside the community center, telling the press, “We’re feeling great.”

H/T Politico

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