9 reasons Denmark’s socialist economy leaves the US in the dust

Flag of DenmarkThanks to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ proud identification as a Democratic Socialist and allusion to Denmark as an ideal social democracy, Denmark is being discussed throughout the news media. But what few outlets are brave enough to report is that, by almost every measurable standard, Danish socialism runs circles around American capitalism.

There is an in-depth article on USUncut providing details on each of these 9 reasons. Here’s the list:

1. Denmark’s unemployed workers get 90 percent of their old salary for 2  years.
2. Denmark spends far less on healthcare than the US (about $3,000 less per capita).
3.  Denmark is the happiest country on Earth.
4. Danes enjoy the world’s shortest workweek – 33 hours average, with 5 weeks paid vacation annually.
5. Denmark pays students $900 a month to attend college.
6. Denmark has one of the highest per-capita incomes in the developed world – $5,000 higher than the US.
7. Denmark has one of the world’s lowest poverty rates (0.6%). The US has one of the highest (14.5%).
8. Denmark is ranked the #1 best country for business according to Forbes. The US is ranked #18.
9. New parents in Denmark get 52 weeks of paid family leave. New American parents get nothing. 

That is what Democratic Socialism really looks like. Is this the dystopian nightmare that Republicans are making it out to be, or an ideal vision of what Americans could have if we came together and demanded it from our government?

Click here to see the full details plus resource links at USUncut.

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