60-second SNL ‘Voters For Donald Trump Ad’ seems disturbingly true (VIDEO)

Presidential election years often give Saturday Night Live (SNL) some of their best material, and in 2016 the selection is especially juicy for skits. This past Saturday the left-leaning cast hit on Donald Trump just like other shows have, but SNL is able to add some humor, which sometimes makes the truth hurt just a little less, but still plants a message in the minds of many.

The “Voters For Trump” fake ad was funny as usual, but sadly all too real. What seem to be everyday people doing everyday chores actually turn out to be wildly racist. Several of the comedians impersonate “Trump voters” ironing KKK uniforms, painting “White Power” and bringing logs to a field with a burning cross in the background.

As comedian Louis C.K. also pointed out in a weekend email to his fans, and late night talk political humorist John Oliver discussed last week on his show, Donald Trump in no longer funny — he’s dangerous. The makers of SNL seem to agree in their own SNL way.

Here is the SNL YouTube video:

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